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Product brief introduction

Hoteam HTSVG static var generator is a new active dynamic reactive power and harmonic compensation device with high cost performance that developed independently by Shandong Hoteam Technology Co.,Ltds who are committed to research and development of active power filter and other power electronic products for many years. This device can do real-time tracking compensation to harmonic、reactive power which changes in both size and frequency and three phase unbalance, thus can provice fast dynamic reactive power compensation and harmonic filtering for power grid and electrical loads. It can effectively improve transit stability of power grid voltage、suppress busbar voltage flicker、compensate unbalanced loads、filter the harmonic and improve the power factor.

Main functions

(1)maintain receiving end voltage, strengthen system voltage stability

(2)compensate system reactive power, improve power factor, reduce line loss, save energy and reduce cost

(3)suppress voltage fluctuation and flicker

(4)suppress t hree phase unbalance

Technical advantages

(1)faster response speed

(2)stronger voltage flicker suppress ability

(3)wider operating range

(4)diversified compensation function

(5)excellent harmonic output characteristic

(6)small floor area

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